Sibling is the second-born in the Kinfolk family. They’re a social enterprise cafe offering much more than just food.

In 2010, co-founder Jarrod Briffa started their first cafe, Kinfolk, as a social experiment. He wanted to see if they could shift how people used philanthropy. Making supporting social causes accessible through everyday purchases, instead of a ‘disconnected’ donation.

Following this success, their new cafe, Sibling, opened in November 2018. Sibling’s supportive training environment attracts volunteers from all walks of life. Their current volunteers range in age from 14 to 57, originate from 34 different countries and 50% come from challenging circumstances.

Sibling cafe food

Sibling is a social enterprise and donate all distributable profits to charity. Customers choose where the donations go by voting in a ‘green coffee bean ballot’. Sibling’s current partner charities are the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre  (ASRC) and The Cathy Freeman Foundation. The ASRC supports and empowers asylum seekers in Australia. While the Cathy Freeman Foundation helps indigenous students reach their full potential at school.

Sibling serves up local, fresh and sustainable produce. Their chefs are passionate about  exceptional tasting food. And the team is dedicated to limiting their impact on the environment through efforts such as composting and encouraging customers to use their own take away mugs.


A catering service is also on their platter. It’s easy, sustainable and delicious. Fit for any mouthwatering function.