Buy a gift, book in for a cooking or crafting class and, together, we’ll help train and employ marginalised women in Nepal.

Learn to cook traditional Nepali dishes, craft gorgeous gifts or, if you’re thinking of visiting this beautiful country, Seven Women will make sure you head off with some ‘Basic Nepali for travellers’ to enrich your stay in Nepal.

Whatever you choose to do, you’ll be helping more women to overcome adversity and develop skills which allow them to evolve both socially and financially in order to thrive independently.

Collage of pictures from Seven Women showing handmade felt puppets, women attending classes, children attenting classes.

Following the manufacturing classes, some of the former students go on to create products, such as felt puppets, silk gowns or cashmere scarves, which are then sold in Australia, helping them generate an income.


You can have a huge impact on these women’s lives by buying one of their products, volunteering at the centre, or making a donation.

Feeling like going a little further? You’re invited to visit the Seven Women development centre in Nepal, and really getting stuck in. Or, if you’re in the mood for adventure, join one of their longer immersive tours. Profits from all activities go towards funding the Seven Women program in Kathamandu, including emergency accommodation, scholarship funds, training in areas such as health, women’s rights, literacy, and many others.

The company was founded by Stephanie Woollard, after witnessing the struggles and discrimination faced by seven disabled women operating out of a tin shed. You can read more about her entrepreneurial journey in her book, From a Tin Shed to the United Nations’