Providing life-changing opportunities to young people facing barriers to work.

Good things to buy

Scarf hosts pop up dinners in a new Melbourne restaurant every season. The dinners are run by resilient young people who have faced barriers to employment, but are hungry for jobs. While the partner restaurant chefs take care of the kitchen, Scarf trainees (from protection-seeking, refugee and migrant backgrounds) run the front of house.

At Scarf Dinners,  they apply the skills they develop throughout the mentorship program in weekly live restaurant scenarios. This gives them an opportunity to build confidence and get paid work experience. What’s more, diners love seeing the training and mentoring firsthand, love being part of something much bigger, and love the moveable feast that is Scarf.

Good things we do

Scarf is a seasonal program training young people facing barriers to employment. We connect them with mentors and networks who are keen to share industry knowledge. Young people get hands-on experience and real confidence to get real industry jobs. They do it in a space where creativity thrives, individuality reigns and high fives are just part of the process.

Since 2010,
– We’ve run 24 ten-week Scarf Dinners seasonal programs and five Tasting Plate short courses
– We’ve offered a total of 262 trainee positions to young people facing barriers to work
– 243 young people have graduated from our programs
– We have a 93% program retention rate
– We’ve provided over 8,200 hours of paid work experience during Scarf Dinners
– Trainees have engaged in 16,395 hours of awesome, hands-on training
– We’ve served over 16,700 diners
– 72% of graduates are in jobs within 6 months

Our Story

We knew heaps of young people hungry for hospitality jobs but facing barriers to getting them. We brought them together with mentors keen to share knowledge and networks, then mixed in sponsors and restaurants ready to create a new kind of dining experience.

We created the first Scarf Dinners season in 2010. It was a recipe for success.

Since then, we’ve been creatively breaking down employment barriers faced by young people from refugee backgrounds for almost 10 years.