We source, roast, brew and serve the coffee we dream of drinking every single day.

Good things to buy

We roast delicious coffee in small batches at our warehouse in St Peters.

We sell it to individuals for home-brewing and to other cafes within Australia and overseas.

We also brew and serve it in our cafés in Surry Hills, St Peters and Chippendale.

Good things we do

We serve coffees that have been produced in a way that is respectful of the people and lands involved in its journey.

The coffees we select come in small lots of high-quality beans. Because of this outstanding quality, producers are paid a premium price (min. 2x over the commodity market) that allows them to invest in their families and communities.

When the coffees arrive at our operations base, we follow systems that care about our staff, customers and the environment: Decent transparent salaries, flexible working conditions, local supply sourcing, closed-circle packaging, towards zero-waste practices, constant audit and improvements.

Our Story

Sample Coffee was founded in 2011 by Reuben Mardan. With the tiny espresso bar in Surry Hills, our mission was to serve an exciting variety of coffees, so customers could ‘sample’ different producers, terroirs and methods – just like in wine.

In 2014, our business grew to incorporate St Peters’ space where we now roast our own coffee every week. This allows us to curate the whole experience, creating coffees and moments just the way we dream of.

In 2019 we became a certified B Corporation, a celebratory milestone backing our commitment to our people, lands and of course coffee.

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