Spinning eco-friendly waste into socially-responsible textiles.

Samatoa Lotus Textiles is a Cambodian social enterprise which produces ecological fabrics from vegetal wastes. The fabrics are then spun and woven by hand, following the Khmer traditional methods, giving them a truly unique texture and authentic designs. You’ll find the very best in eco-luxury lotus fabric and lotus blended with silk, kapok and banana fabrics.

Collage of pictures from Samatoa Lotus Textiles

Their ground-breaking fabric is sustainable and eco-friendly, being made from lotus waste, which is not traditionally used in Cambodia. No source of polluting energy, no chemical or toxic substitute, and no heavy metal is used in the manufacturing process.


Through their innovative textiles, they have enabled the foundation of a workshop of 40 women, all exceptional in the “know-how”. By creating profit, Samatoa bridges the gap between the rich and the poor; this model allows empowerment and international recognition of their farmers, spinners, and weavers. True to circular economy thinking, their process fulfils their social commitment to help rural women to support their families.

Their socially-responsible model aims to improve the living standards in Cambodia, and increase family income within the local supply chain.