Connecting people with remote Indigenous Australia.

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Red Earth organises cultural immersions for people to experience the beauty and challenges of life on Country by camping with our partner Indigenous homelands in some of the most remote parts of Australia – Arnhem Land, Cape York, and the APY Lands in the Red Centre. We take you to remote Indigenous Homelands which are inaccessible outside of this setting. Be prepared to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience in a world outside of your own.

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Good things we do

Red Earth is providing employment opportunities to Indigenous people in parts of Australia where there are virtually no jobs available. Our Indigenous partners work as cultural educators, sharing their stories, knowledge, and history without having to leave their traditional land.

The guests who travel to remote Indigenous Australia with us have incredibly rich, personal experiences with Indigenous people and aspects of Indigenous culture they may have never otherwise encountered. This is the front lines of reconciliation, and we feel incredibly proud to be involved in building cross-cultural understandings in a safe, sustainable and meaningful way.

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Our Story

After studying law and economics, Red Earth’s founder Arthur Alla spent 6 months volunteering in Cape York in Far North Queensland. There, he was able to spend time with Aboriginal Elders and their families, all of whom lamented their disconnection from the rest of Australia and wanted to host people on their own land to share in their stories and culture.

From there, Red Earth was born, allowing people to connect with remote Indigenous Australia while providing economic opportunity to those who live there and allowing them to plug into the national narrative.

Red Earth’s Founder, Arthur Alla has received the Pride of Australia medal, is listed in the Asia Forbes 30 under 30, and was recognised as the 2017 NSW Young Australian of the Year.

Red Earth was a State Winner in the 2017 Business Awards for Excellence in Social Enterprise.

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