Recipe4Change is passionate about rescuing food. Leftover food can be used to create extra delicious meals saving you money and less food wastage. 

Give a gift that supports the Food4Kids primary school program, which ensures students in the local community have access to a fresh healthy breakfast and lunch so they can live and learn to the best of their abilities.

Their mission is to prevent edible food going to landfill by teaching people to cook nutritious meals using edible produce destined for landfill. Using edible rescued food, Recipe4Change fills empty bellies with wholesome meals and puts smiles on the faces of the socially isolated in our local community.

Recipe4Change has committed food professionals who change the lives of everyday Australians using food to overcome barriers to a better life. The sad fact is that 460,000 Australians go to bed hungry. That’s the equivalent of filling the MCG five times on Grand Final day.

“We believe in an Australia where every family can put a healthy meal on the table every night.”


Purchase their gift box, which is full of produce sourced from Melbourne businesses. Their own products are hand crafted in their kitchen from fresh produce sourced where possible from local suppliers.