Babies can grow 7 sizes in just 2 years. That seems like a lot of clothes. It also seems like a lot of waste. Both financially and environmentally.

Pure Bundle is an online boutique selling pre-loved collections of premium baby clothes. Inspired by her own experience as a mother and the wasteful nature of the mainstream fashion industry, Sally Giblin launched Pure Bundle in 2018.

Sally was shocked by the amount of clothes her baby Leo powered through. Jumpsuit after jumpsuit, top after top. As she watched him grow, it began to dawn on her just how much clothing infants consume. As any parent would attest, it’s like they grow before your very eyes.

Boys outfit

At about this time, she watched the inspiring documentaries The True Cost and The ABC’s War on Waste. Both confirmed her suspicions of the wasteful practices and ethical issues in the mainstream fashion industry. She learned that a staggering 6,000 kilograms of clothes end up in landfill in Australia every 10 minutes.

Armed with this knowledge, a need to find a better way for parents to clothe their babies and a desire to contribute to a better planet for Leo and his generation, Sally launched Pure Bundle.

Pure Bundle stocks gorgeous bundles of baby clothes for premmies through to 2 year olds. Only the best quality items are sold from a list of approved brands. And their rigorous 10 point check on every item means each piece is in tip top, ‘like new’ condition.

All this goodness is at 70% off the estimated retail price.

Purebundle girls outfit

And once baby grows out of their clothes, Pure Bundle makes it easy to on-sell them.  You’ll receive 30% of the resale value of each item sold. Either as payment, store credit, or a donation to a children’s charity on your behalf. Any items not meeting the brand criteria are donated to families in need.