Quirky gifts with focus on sustainability

Good things to buy

We are a marketplace focusing on products that people love and are recognised as ethical, sustainable and fair trade with a strong focus on reducing landfill. We stock a lot of different goodies. You will find an assortment of interesting products, from fire hoses turned into bags to skate boards turned into sunglasses!


Good things we do

A lot of our brands and artists do great work with communities (especially when they are made overseas). For instance, Conscious Step Socks donates 50% of their profits to various different charities for every design.

We also have a spirit of giving in our store (virtual and real). For every purchase, we donate a meal to an Australian in need through SecondBite. Pookipoiga also regularly host events for fundraising initiatives.

We believe that if you buy something, someone eats something and food doesn’t get wasted – win win win. For our efforts, we were one of the businesses nominated for the Yarra City Council’s sustainability awards for 2018!


Our Story

“Pookipoiga” is a Finnish word (or in Finnish Pyykkipoika) which literally translates to “little washer boy”, which is normally used in Finnish for “clothes peg”. Cleaning is good for the environment, right? So, our name is a reflection of our focus on cleaning up landfill by supporting local and social businesses who upcycle/recycle.

Pookipoiga evolved from the idea that the world is a great place and we need to do more to look after it. So, that’s a start, but where do we go from here? People love things, so we should probably sell things, but what things?

We have helped you with sourcing by offering consumers a wide selection of products that are good for people and the world.

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