Bringing safe lighting to those in need while providing employment for disadvantaged people

Pollinate Energy came to life 5 years ago following the founders’ work tackling energy poverty in India. They were moved by the high levels of poverty that affects so many of the country’s urban poor.

It was clear that the dangerous and costly kerosene lamps that people used to light up their homes were unsustainable and, worse, life-threatening. So, they created the Pollinate solar lights – low cost and highly efficient –  which have formed the foundation of this thriving social business.

Their two different solar-powered lights (great for camping and kid’s rooms) are available to buy on their website, as well as reusable cups, and gift cards. All sales from Pollinate Energy’s shop directly support their projects in India.

Collage of Pollinate Energy products


Since 2012, they have provided life-changing products to over 123,602 people. Through the use of solar lights, they have saved 3,695,199 L of kerosene from being burnt, and over 8,870,000 Kg of CO2 from being emitted.

Their enterprise functions through Pollinators – locals from disadvantaged backgrounds, that the company trains, supports, and employs to perform door-to-door sales in slums.