Home-style cooking from every corner of the globe

An award-winning cafe and caterer with a simple mission: to make lovely food for us. Don’t be fooled by this humble statement though – by producing this lovely food, Parliament on King achieves so very much.

Ready yourself for a very distinct food experience because, at Parliament on King, you’ll find dishes from some rather unexpected places. The specialities are local favourites from the countries of origin of its staff;  which can range from Burmese Red Pepper Noodles, Persian Ados Polo to Cantonese egg tarts, Somali soups and Srilankan curries – and everything is lovingly made in exactly the way it would be, back home.

It can be pretty tough arriving in Australia as a refugee, seeking asylum, trying to get started in a new life. It can be a lonely and difficult thing. Finding a place where you feel valued and wanted, where you can make a new start and launch a good life can be very daunting. Parliament on King helps people overcome those barriers by providing real work, training and a sense of community.

Collage of pictures from Parliament on King
By booking a private dinner, the cafe becomes yours for the night where you can co-create the menu for a fine-dining experience. All the while, the fully paid staff of asylum seekers and refugees get to sharpen and perfect their skills in the kitchen, around the tables, and at the door.


The participants in the cafe’s program ‘The International Shift’, receive real-life work skills in the hospo trade. Since its inception three years ago, over 300 people have received training, with many going onto their first Australian jobs.

For the work they’ve done, Parliament on King has been recognised formally with a Humanitarian Award, a Good Food Award and a People’s Choice Award. Informally they’ve been recognised with a dedicated following and community, as well as mysterious lipstick kisses which appear on their window overnight

Check out the café’s many local goings-on such as ‘Local Family Dinner’ where the asylum seekers and refugees get to serve the community local family dinner favorites from their home countries, or life drawing on Thursday nights, or Deaf Cafe on Wednesdays.