If there’s a sustainable solution to global poverty then surely Fair Trade has a very real part to play?

Oz Fair Trade started after founder Qinnie Wang’s trip to Southeast Asia. It was there that she ignited her passion to create a community benefit through the work she would choose to do. The not-for-profit organisation has a simple, yet commendable goal: helping people who live in extreme poverty by providing a sales platform for their handmade products. There’s a large range to choose from: jewellery to homewares to gifts and t-shirts.

Collage of Oz Fair Trade product shot

Want a unique gift? Their Flower Bomb range features beautiful products made from recycled bombshells, collected in Laos and Cambodia. These items carry immense historical significance, and by reusing them and turning them into gorgeous jewellery or homewares, you are accelerating and supporting the process of landmine removal.


Making ‘fair-trade’ fun, affordable, and desirable since 2011, Oz Fair Trade has delivered thousands of amazing handicrafts to hundreds of socially conscious customers. Help them push forward their movement while offering disadvantaged artisans the chance to earn a fair wage and break free from the poverty cycle.