From first generation working clothes, to symbols of defiance, and now high street fashion, jeans are totally indispensable.

Outland’s journey began when founder James Bartle ran into an anti-human-trafficking group. He quickly learned that the future of the women rescued from human trafficking and sexual exploitation relied heavily on finding a sustainable career path. James picked up the craft of jean making from scratch,  began sourcing raw materials, experimenting with patterns and breathing life into the Outland Denim brand.

Collage of pictures of Outland Denim jeans products.

Today, Outland not only manufactures high-quality denim jeans for both men and women, it makes a huge difference in women’s lives. Grab yourself a pair in one of their most popular styles – Harriet for ladies and Ranger for gents – or browse their extensive range of styles and colours below.


The team at Outland Denim understand the importance of owning a nice pair of jeans – they also understand that this popular piece of clothing is often manufactured by underpaid workers, using toxic dyes, and in unsafe conditions. They pride themselves on using only environmentally friendly materials, training their seamstresses in a safe production facility, as well as offering them a fair wage and personal development support.