Organic produce that won’t cost the earth- literally

Buying organic food directly from the farmer is effortless with The Organic Investment Cooperative. Everything from fruit and veggies, dairy, eggs, meat and more can be sourced through their farmer members online.

The organisation has broad reaching goals for Australian organic farmers and consumers. They enable investment and provide management, education and growth opportunities across the industry. Supporting organic farmers creates opportunities to change the way they do business, for the better.

female farmersThey also focus on organic, regenerative, biodynamic and agroecology farming and food sector. Put simply, they have a strong belief that healthy soil leads to healthier food, and in turn, healthier communities.

The demand for good quality, sustainable and certified organic food is growing. Essentially, OIC provides the framework to allow farmers to meet this growing demand.  At the heart of their work is the passion of connecting consumers, investors and farmers, to create long-term change. Through building these relationships they are able to better manage farming, their impact on the environment and community engagement.