Open Canvas empowers homeless and other marginalised artists to exhibit and sell their art, craft and merchandise.

When you buy art from Open Canvas, artists are empowered through recognition of their talent. There is a range of original artworks, prints, craft and products on offer – all of which have at least 70% of profits going to the artist, and beyond this, gives each artist a sense of achievement. They can build their name and reputation in the art community, which gives the opportunity for steady or repeat income.

The artists featured on Open Canvas are from a range of backgrounds. Some have lived on the street; or experienced substance abuse and addiction; they may be on low incomes within supported and crisis accommodation; and others live with mental health issues and disability.

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Open Canvas also helps their artists in other ways. Professional artists provide mentorship and guidance, helping take their art to the next level. Some artists simply require basic supplies – brushes, canvas, paint – which the organisation provides, so they can continue their creative work. Artists have also built relationships and engaged with others in the community thanks to connections made through Open Canvas, with opportunities for commissioned work and public exhibitions.

Visit the site to browse the diverse range of artwork and designs by these emerging and talented artists.