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Good things to buy

OORR creates the highest quality, most comfortable cycling and triathlon apparel you have ever owned with exceptional customer service and attention to detail. We do good, so you feel proud about what you wear.

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Good things we do

OORR manufactures the world’s most eco friendly performance apparel using used coffee grounds and recycled materials. Beyond our ethically sourced materials, we also:

• Donate 50% of our profit to environmental causes and make a real impact on helping children in poverty
• Plant 5 trees for every garment we sell

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Our Story

I wanted my children to inherit a better, cleaner earth; prompting my search for some eco fabrics suitable for use in cycling. I soon learned that no one was doing recycled fabric jerseys off the rack – a fact I could hardly believe (just try to find them anywhere else!). Additionally, the fabric that was available was uncomfortable, and didn’t look great. Bringing technical knowledge of cooling and aerodynamics from my background as an airline pilot, coupled with great attention to detail, I am turning my ideas into reality for the benefit of us all.

Tim Christian, Founder

 OORR you ready?

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