Gorgeous, cute, handmade and always fair trade. That’s the sort of gift you’ll be giving when you buy at Only Just. Well, that and ongoing support to disadvantaged artisans who would otherwise miss out on this crucial second chance in life

What started as a community-driven initiative to spread awareness about the importance of buying fair trade, has now developed into a fully fledged not-for-profit organisation run by skilled volunteers.

Coming from over 25 developing countries, created in an ethical, fair manner, these delightful and charming, handmade products have been carefully curated so as to ensure there’s an excellent range to choose from. Truly, something for everyone here.

Jewellery, homewares, accessories, toys, and much more adorn the shelves of Only Just’s shop in Eltham, as well as the pages of their online store.

Explore their website to discover empowering stories and beautiful handcrafted items.

Collage of Only Just products


Only Just partners with enterprises that support some of the most disenfranchised communities in the world, such as leprosy victims, survivors of human trafficking, exploding landmines, polio, and more. These artisans are provided with a fair wage, as well as support in the form of medical assistance, counselling, subsidised education, and loans.

Your choice to purchase from Only Just helps families put food on the table, educate their children and invest in their future.