Dive into these olive-inspired products to cleanse your skin and revive our oceans

Ocean Deep’s founders have sought to create a range of products that are safe for both the consumer, and our environment. Better still, rather than starting from scratch sourcing new base products, they upcycle what would otherwise be ‘waste’, to produce effective, stylish and eco-friendly products.

Olive oil production by-products, such as olive pips or pruned olive tree leaves, are the foundation of this range. With a strong focus on the quality of their ingredients by sourcing from local olive farms, Ocean Deep creates innovative, sustainable skincare for the modern conscientious consumer.

Visit their website to find amazing face masks, exfoliators, or face serums, suited for most skin types.

Customers enjoying Ocean Deep face masks


When you order from Ocean Deep you’ll find the recycled tote bags and wooden spoons can also be re-used so that you too can make play your part helping the environment.

As for any profits generated, 100% from each sale of the exfoliant and beauty serum is reinvested into community-driven conservation programs and global initiatives working towards a sustainable future.