Children don’t have to live in poverty. That’s the dream and it’s not that crazy. 

Moeloco, which translates as “Dream Crazy” makes thongs, or flip-flops, with a combination of sturdy rubber, creative flair and a lot of love. 

For every pair of thongs they sell, Moeloco donates a pair of canvas shoes directly to a child in need supported by The Hope Foundation. This initiative allows the children to attend school and protect their feet from a debilitating disease. So far, the enterprise has helped around 6,000 children achieve their dreams through their buy-one-give-one scheme.

Designed with unique inspirational themes, the shoes have hidden, uplifting messages on the underside of the sole. With every step, quotes such as ‘Be Free’, ‘Love” or “Dream Crazy” are imprinted in the sand, inspiring shoppers and passers-by to consider the social footprint they’re leaving on the world. 

The online shop also features tops, hand-sewn sari bags, and gift cards.

Collage of pictures of Moeloco thongs, children they have helped, and school shoes they have donated.


Moeloco was founded by Kathy Wong when she discovered that three hundred million children around the world do not own a single pair of shoes, and make a decision that she had to do something to break the cycle of poverty.

Moeloco also encourages employment in developing countries by inspiring communities to start their own businesses or supporting existing ones to transition into a social enterprise.

An inspirational step towards a better world.