Ethical gifts providing employment & empowerment for survivors of domestic & family violence.

Good things to buy

We offer a selection of gift boxes filled with ethical and environmentally conscious products. Our gift boxes aim to be treasured by someone who deserves that extra bit of love and recognition. A gorgeous gift with a story behind it. All of our products are either made in our warehouse by the women in our program, or procured ethically.

Mettle homelessness abusive domestic relationships gift box subscription service

Good things we do

Mettle Women Inc. (Mettle) is an ethical gift delivery service employing women who are experiencing homelessness due to domestic and family violence. We equip survivors of domestic and family violence with the skills, confidence, and financial security required to secure and maintain employment and in turn, safe and stable housing. Domestic and family violence is the single largest driver of homelessness for women in Australia. The lack of safe and accessible employment and opportunities to establish financial independence can make it extremely difficult & dangerous to leave abusive environments. We exist to make accessing these opportunities a supported and empowering journey – preventing women from returning to homelessness or their abuser.

Mettle homelessness abusive domestic relationships gift box subscription service


Our Story

Of the 121,000 people who presented to specialist homelessness services from 2016–17 because of domestic & family violence, 52% of them were return clients. Founder of Mettle Women Inc, Bronwyn Bate, was determined to find a way to ensure that once survivors left crisis accommodation, they were safe, supported, and did not have to return to homelessness or their abuser. Mettle is the product of a year of research and a series of truthful, vulnerable, painful, yet hopeful conversations with survivors of domestic & family violence who assisted Bronwyn in co-designing a business model that would support survivors post-crisis.

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