From paddock to stall, you’re getting the best of Victoria’s farmers, bakers and makers. 

If it’s on offer at Melbourne Farmers Markets, you can be certain the farmers and producers have genuinely grown, reared, caught, baked or made the food they are selling. That’s the only way they can be accredited by the Victorian Farmers Markets Association and those are the only stallholders you’ll meet when you come down to any one of the 7 vibrant farmers markets now on around Melbourne.


The Farmers Markets are an experience unto themselves. They offer a unique opportunity to meet the makers, greet the growers and let children learn precisely where their food comes from. Over 350 small businesses, such as farmers and speciality makers, are supported by these markets which provide an opportunity for local growers and true artisans to bring the best they can directly to you, their customer. 

Collage of pictures of food and vendors from Melbourne Farmers Market.

When you shop at any of these markets you have the unique opportunity to meet the person responsible for your food and directly support their livelihood. Turn your grocery shopping to a day out as you chat with the person who actually kneaded the dough to bake your loaf of sourdough, or took care of the bees which produced your honey.

At a time where our supermarkets are short-changing Australian farmers, shopping at the farmers’ markets gives you the opportunity to make an immediate difference. While the markets offer direct benefits to the environment by providing seasonal produce, along with reduced food mileage, they also promote biodiversity, sustainable practices and the importance of regional food cultures.