Wrapping gifts with compassion, creativity and culture

Every sheet of paper at Loktaa has been beautifully hand-crafted by Nepalese artisans using techniques that are centuries old. The paper is produced from the sustainably harvested bark of the loktaa tree, high in the Himalayan  mountains of Nepal.

Their gift wrap, gift bags and wine bags are unique in design, source and purpose. They are decorated with beautiful dried flowers and lavished with creativity- a far cry from the wrapping paper found at the local newsagent.

Loktaa wrapping paper 

It was a family visit back to Nepal that planted the seeds and allowed Loktaa to grow into more than just an idea.  For sisters, Supriya and Khushboo, being once again immersed in Nepalese culture ignited a desire to create a sustainable method of facilitating education in Nepal. They returned to Australia, committed to making a difference.

The facts are sobering; in Nepal almost half of adults are illiterate, 39.6% of students don’t graduate from primary school and ⅓ of the population aged 5-14 work instead of going school.

Loktaa donates half of their profits to their charity partner, Room to Read. This not-for-profit support girls’ education and children’s literacy in Asia and Africa.

Loktaa wrapping paper


For Supriya and Khushboo, Loktaa is also a creative outlet. An opportunity to be artistic whilst also being ecologically sustainable, sharing Nepalese traditions and having social impact.