Coffee for the people, planet and future.

On the surface, Kua is a business selling quality coffee to workplaces who care about environmental and social causes. Delving deeper, you quickly discover there’s a lot more to this organisation. Kua is a sustainable business trailblazer – they sell coffee, they make soap and they empower women and farmers in developing communities.

A trip to Uganda united Sydney students and now co-founders Darcy Small and Brody Smith with Ugandan student, Daniel Okinong. Darcy and Brody’s passion for social impact and entrepreneurial spirit soon found a perfect fit with Daniel’s knowledge of the local coffee region.

Bugisu Project

Powered by curiosity and a vision for a better future, Darcy and Brody brought the beans home. Of course there is plenty of coffee being ground and brewed all over Sydney. However, none quite like their beans. Sustainably grown by Zukuka Bora farmers on the dreamy hills of Mt. Elgon. High in quality, positive impact and ease (delivery is included).

Their Impact

The purchase of Kua coffee creates demand for ethically farmed coffee in the Ugandan coffee region. This means economic empowerment for developing farming communities.

Additionally, they generate funds for the Cents for Seeds Program. This is an initiative supporting Ugandan women to become financially independent through their own agricultural projects.

The Kua experience does not finish with the final sip of coffee either. Kua is a closed-loop business, so the coffee grounds aren’t simply binned. Instead, they are collected and transformed into luxury, coffee infused soap.

Nor does the experience finish with being squeaky clean and smelling of coffee. Kua are working with UNSW to ensure university programs engage students with social entrepreneurship.

Kua Coffee