Thirst quenching, organic, ethically-made, guilt-free soda. Need we say more?

The founders of Karma Cola believe that what you drink should not only taste good – they should also do some good for the land and the people who play that crucial role growing the ingredients that end up in your bottle. 

In 2010, they created a few bottles of home-made cola from a bag of cola nuts gifted to them by friends. Upon learning that none of the money from international cola sales gets back to its creators, they decided to make a drink that would fix that.

Range of Karma Colaproducts

Not into cola? There’s a full range of drinks here. Everything that goes into their bottles is natural and authentic, creating a delicious flavour that will you have you coming back for more. And if you’re after an alternative to fair-trade, organic sugar-sweetened drinks, Karma Cola are putting the final touches to their stevia version of their do-gooding masterpiece.


Each bottle of Karma Cola sold has a positive impact on the lives of cola nut farmers from Sierra Leone. Their profits are redirected into the West African villages, and are being used to provide community infrastructure, as well as schooling.