Road-tripping that drives a whole lot of good

Karma Camper is a motorhome for hire. 100% of their profits are given to YMCA’s life-changing programs and camps for young people experiencing disadvantage.

The first camper, fondly named ‘Vincent’ was donated to the YMCA in 2009 (he’s the one in the picture). Initially he was a youth engagement vehicle used to transport much-needed entertainment to the young people affected by the Black Saturday bushfires. After a period of hibernation, Vincent had a retrofit and found a new purpose in life as a campervan for hire. It was a labour of love and determination to get him into shape. With stretched resources, the team chipped away using the time and money available.

Enjoying the karma camper

Today Vincent’s retro camper look makes him stand out from the crowd. The interior is decked out in high quality, ethical and sustainable products. Sleeping four, Vincent has all the comforts of home and is easy to drive with great road handling.

Camping with Karma Camper and friends

100% of profit from every booking enriches the life of a young person aged 12-18 experiencing disadvantage. They get the opportunity to experience the fun and freedom of a YMCA camp or a program like Youth for Causes. All Karma Camper profits go towards their transport, food, accommodation, workshops and activities.