Binding sustainability with true craftsmanship, Inspirationery challenges you to change the world.

A curious love for stationery is not that uncommon; particularly when it’s based on the idea that, with the right tools, we’ll be inspired to work harder and more efficiently. But have you ever stopped to think about those people, young and old, who may never get the opportunity to learn how to use these tools?

This beautiful range of eco-luxe stationery funds positive social change. 50% of profits are donated to education and leadership programs that empower young girls and women, around the world, supporting them through some of the most crucial times in their lives and helping to transition them from poverty to opportunity.

Collage of Inspirationery stationery products.


Inspirationery was born from Cassie’s deep desire to inspire women to put pen to paper and change their lives for the better. To her, it seemed perfectly logical to launch a brand that would provide hope and opportunity by selling ethically-made notebooks, postcards, and prints and encouraging girls worldwide to reach their full potential.

All Inspirationery products are made from recycled paper and are printed with inspirational messages using vegetable inks. 

Some of the most life-changing ideas start in the pages of a notebook – don’t let them slip away.