Bringing South America right to your feet. Inkkas are carefully crafted by local artisans, with an enduring respect for our environment

Like their ancient namesakes, the team at Inkkas have covered considerable ground to discover the most authentic and interesting textiles to weave into their range of shoes and sneakers. You won’t see these styles anywhere else, and when you pull on your Inkkas you’ll know that you’re pulling on a shoe that has the power to change lives.

With every pair that’s purchased a virtuous cycle of poverty reduction gains momentum. Disadvantaged workers can feed their families, while the farmers and women, that create the authentic textiles that colour every pair, are nurtured in their craft. With Inkkas support, these Peruvian artisans, who may otherwise lose faith in their art, are able to continue to handcraft innovative and authentic fabrics that are then carefully connected to rubber soles to create beautiful shoes that work really, really hard.




Photo collage of different Inkkas Australia shoes.

‘Unique’ and ‘fairtrade’ are two words that best describe Inkkas shoes. The company is continuously improving itself by becoming 100% vegan and certain styles are already very close to making that claim.

Working under the OneShoeOneTree project, Inkkas is fighting deforestation by planting one tree for every pair of sneakers bought by conscientious consumers. Besides providing depleted forests with additional trees, the initiative also assists the local communities with its native grown food and timber supply.

When you wear your Inkkas, you’re stepping out towards a better world.