Good Green Home Loans is a mortgage broking service for the conscious consumer. They find home loans at a great rate, which also positively impact the environment and community.

Amy Beattie is the smarts and energy behind Good Green home loans. She knows a lot about the machinations of Australia’s big banks. For over 15 years she diligently worked there, until one morning everything changed. A group of protesters were blocking the entrance to her office to draw attention to the links between Australia’s big banks and the fossil fuel industry.

Big banks lend them $billions and eight out of ten Australian home loans are with one of these banks. She admits that even as a long standing employee, she wasn’t aware of her bank’s involvement with the fossil fuel industry. She set to work and sent a letter to her bank, demanding better. And then she took the big leap – from refinancing her own mortgage to establishing Good Green Home Loans.

Good Green Home Loans provides consumers with a platform to make an ethical choice with their home loan. They also send our leaders and big banks a message that many people expect better environmental and societal outcomes from their investments. For every home loan, Good Green Home loans donate $100 to a nominated not-for-profit.


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