Sustainably made, vegan, allergen-free ice cream

Good things to buy

Gelavo is a sustainably made vegan ice cream that has no coconut or tree nut base. Gluten-free, allergen-free and high in monounsaturated fats, our product has been developed by Curtin University food science alumni to deliver Australia’s first shelf-stable avocado based vegan ice cream.


Good things we do

We reduce food waste in Australia by using second-grade avocados and other WA “ugly” fruit to make our product. We source local WA-based produce that is rejected by the big supermarkets due to cosmetic imperfections and turn it into a delicious, sustainable ice cream.

gelavo, sustainable vegan icecream gluten free

Our Story

Gelavo is the brainchild of Curtin University food science and technology alumni, Anthea Rodoreda and Andrew Tilley. When tasked with creating a product that promoted local produce, the pair decided to tackle the issue of fresh produce waste. This was aided by unwanted WA avocados.

While sustainability has always been at the front of the Gelavo mission, it was also born out of desire to provide a product that could be enjoyed by as many people as possible – this included those with food intolerances or allergies.

Our delicious ice cream has been acknowledged by:

  • Curtin Alumni Accelerate Sponsorship, 2018
  • WA Innovator of the Year Finalist, 2019
  • Pitch@Palace Australia Finalist, 2019
  • TEDxUWA Participants, 2019