Immerse yourself in a unique cooking experience brought to you by talented chefs seeking asylum and refuge in Melbourne

Free To Feed is a social enterprise developed on food-based initiatives, founded by husband and wife Loretta and Daniel Bolotin with the purpose of helping refugees and asylum seekers in Australia. Their mission is to assist these people in finding employment opportunities which utilise their existing skills, as well as facilitate their inclusion in the community and break the sense of isolation often faced by new migrants.

The company offers all types of experiences: from hands-on cooking classes on their premises, to more intimate home events (you’ll get personal instructors and all the necessary cooking equipment), and even corporate workshops for colleagues keen to forge team relationships and discover new, delicious recipes.

Feeling full? No worries – you can also give your friends and family the gift of a sensational cooking class experience with one of their vouchers.

Collage of pictures from Free To Feed workshops

MORE FOOD FOR ME                                SHARING IS CARING

And, if you’d like a little secret helper to recreate the dishes taught to you by the talented chefs at Free To Feed, there’s a whole range aromatic herbs and spices that are used in their cooking classes, ready to stock your pantry.

Free To Feed collection of spices


Through their bubbling cooking classes, Free To Feed is providing up to 60 asylum seekers per year with mentoring and training, a fair living wage, future work opportunities, and most importantly, the chance to form connections in a new community.