Foost exists to inspire everyone, everywhere to enjoy fruit and vegetables and live happier, healthier lives.

Through food education workshops, Foost fuels meaningful and healthy changes to the way children, parents and everyone in between, approach meal time.

Kate is a dietitian,  mother of four, veggie warrior and the founder of Foost. Kate understands balancing work, life and family can make healthy eating challenging- at the best of times. Given this, Foost isn’t about casting judgement. No one can ‘eat the rainbow’ all the time, but Kate certainly makes it easier to do so. Kate’s experience, coupled with her deep passion for teaching positive food habits, is what makes her lessons useful and applicable.

Happy mini chef with capsicum (1)

At Foost, they recognise education as a powerful tool for change. Positive Food Education is the philosophy that guides each of their programs. An approach to food based on eating colourfully, mindfully and on creating a supportive eating environment.

Making vegetables enticing can be a tricky task. Yet, Foost’s vibrant kids cooking classes, parent education sessions and workplace workshops make it easy.

And did we mention they have smoothie bikes? (you peddle and it blends up your smoothie content)

Child on Smoothie Bike (1)

They stock a range of unique products including children’s knives, bamboo tableware, children’s books and free educational resources.

Through education, Foost is helping to shift focus away from  processed food and towards easy, colourful and fresh food. In turn, improving  overall health, energy levels and performance at work, home and play.