Feast Of Merit is a licensed, all-day restaurant with a Middle-Eastern influence and vegetarian friendly options.

100% of Feast of Merit’s profits are dedicated to ending global poverty. The restaurant is a social enterprise run by YGAP, a Melbourne based, International Development not-for-profit with an innovative approach to poverty alleviation. Feast of Merit enables people to easily give back, supports the local community and funds YGAP’s vision to change the lives of one million people living in poverty by 2018.


All profits made by Feast of Merit are channeled into YGAP’s work in Africa and the Asia Pacific. YGAP finds and supports early stage impact entrepreneurs running ventures improving the lives of people living in poverty. The entrepreneurs that YGAP supports have all developed innovative businesses that create jobs, improve access to quality healthcare and improve access to a quality education or to safe homes.


Feat of Merit believes in promoting and delivering a ‘farm to fork’ approach to food. One that showcases locally sourced, sustainable and seasonal produce. The Middle Eastern influenced menu delivers this with creatively crafted and full seasoned fare – whilst also catering to Melbourne’s demand for quality, accessibility and flavour. The restaurant and the intimate rooftop bar are also available for events and functions.

Why are they called Feast of Merit?

The name of the restaurant stems from a community festival in Nagaland of North Eastern India. A Feast of Merit occurs when someone comes into wealth and chooses to invite the entire community, including the underprivileged, to gather and share in this wealth. At the conclusion of the festival, the host is gifted a golden cloak as the highest sign of recognition and respect. The person then returns to their life with fewer possessions and the gratitude of the entire village.