Etiko wants you to wear no evil.

Why buy clothes from the same old places when you can great quality, well-priced organic and fairtrade clothing and footwear from Etiko?

The pioneer of organic/ fairtrade clothing and footwear Etiko has the largest range of genuinely eco-friendly and ethically produced gear in the country…from sneakers to rubber thongs and underwear to hoodies and more.

Etiko goes above & beyond responsible production of their items because the business aspires to do as much good in the world as we can. They put people & planet first.


Sweatshops, child and slave labour in the fashion industry is no great secret. Etiko is officially recognised as the most ethical fairtrade clothing fashion brand in Australia (Australian Fashion Report 2013-2016). Furthermore, all products are made with either fairtrade certified cotton or certified sustainable rubber (or both).