The only 3 ply recycled toilet paper in Australia

Good things to buy

Encore Tissue produces toilet paper that is made from 100% recycled paper. It is soft, strong and cushy 3-ply. We are the only brand that provides 3 ply recycled toilet paper in Australia by sorting paper products. We use a sophisticated process developed over 30 years, and we separate, extract and reform it. The result is a dense yet soft toilet paper you either will, or already have come to love. 

We hope to be able to move towards plant-based packaging in the very near future!

icare recycled 3 ply soft toilet paper


Good things we do

Our icare range is proudly certified by The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC® ). The FSC® is a global not-for-profit organisation setting the standard for responsibly managed forests around the world. It’s certification of icare means you can be sure you’re buying a product that supports forest protection for the future. This FSC® Recycled label is your assurance that our icare range comes from certified reclaimed materials. 

As well as providing 100% recycled paper products, all of icare’s packaging can be recycled through the REDcycle program. REDcycle bins are located in all Coles & Woolworths stores nationally. The plastic collected in these bins get repurposed towards community programs and initiatives like local park benches and play grounds.

Our Story

Made onsite and in Melbourne, icare is produced by a family-owned Australian company that have been in the business of perfecting paper products for over 3 generations.

If we can just get every Australian household to replace 24 rolls of ‘virgin fibre’ toilet rolls a month with icare. Together we can save over 4 million trees a year and reduce landfill by over 1 million cubic metres.

Encore, Encore!