The tours fund the Koala Clancy Foundation, improving koalas’ existing habitat and planting trees so they can survive climate change.

Help and learn about nature while you enjoy it! Australian wildlife is unique, but needs our support to survive. Learning about them is the first step. On our tours and conservation days you will discover that Australian nature is complex, exciting and worth protecting.

Our tours and conservation days remove 100,000 invasive weeds every year. We employ 18 local Australians in an industry that supports and promotes the value of wildlife living wild and free.


For local Melburnians: Koala Conservation Days for Locals – a fun, educational day with expert Koala Researchers in the You Yangs near Melbourne. Learn about wild koalas, help improve their habitat by removing weeds or planting trees (June to August). Runs 1st and 3rd Sunday every month.

Also available for corporate or family groups over 10 people on date of your choice subject to availability. For interstate or international visitors: Koalas & Kangaroos IN THE WILD – see, learn about and help wild koalas and kangaroos with an experienced naturalist Guide. Runs daily all year except Dec 25 & 26.