It's like Tinder for your dog

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Dogshare exists solely to introduce dog-owners to other dog-lovers in their neighbourhood and provide the dogs of Australia (and their humans) with extra enrichment, affection, exercise, companionship (day or night) and perhaps even weekend and holiday stay-overs.

Dogshare is a membership platform for dog lovers. Users pay a $20 application fee + $9 per year to subscribe to our service and then members exchange or simply volunteer doggy duties in a cashless environment.

Good things we do

Despite Australia having one of the highest rates of dog ownership in the world, not every animal gets the attention it deserves. And not everyone who loves dogs can have one. An unfortunate fact is that 70% of dogs don’t get a daily walk. That’s a statistic we think we can change! Many dogs live in busy households and we found that by owners teaming up locally, they can provide a more enriched life for their dog and create a village of support in a hyper-local setting!

Our Story

We are a busy family of Six. Two adult humans, 3 child humans and an extraordinarily needy German Pointer named Duke. When Duke was a pup we really struggled to provide him with the constant companionship he craved whilst we were at work. We were lucky to team up with a neighbour who had a young border collie. Walks, backyard sharing and holiday arrangements were all happily swapped between our two families and the dogs grew up as the best of friends. Our successful arrangement blossomed into the idea that was Dogshare.


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