Distinctive socks that leave a positive imprint on the world.

When three friends realised that they shared similar concerns for the world, they knew that sitting idle was not an option. So, together, they founded a business to tackle social issues through humanitarian merchandise, more precisely, socks.

Conscious Step sells products which are vegan, fair trade certified, and ethically made from organic cotton while each and every design supports a different charity. For example, every purchase of socks paired with Water.org foundation provide eighteen months of drinkable water for one person in a developing country. The distinctive embroidery on the side of every sock represents the contribution that each pair is making to a specific cause.


Three examples of colourful designs of Conscious Step ethically made socks.


Conscious Step are continuously expanding their range of designs, and will soon release holiday-themed items for both men and women.

Turn your everyday purchase into a meaningful act of kindness, and take a step towards a better tomorrow.