Aligning values with investments

Conscious Investing is a sustainable alternative to mainstream property investment. Giving investors the opportunity to align their values with their investments.

Suzy Radman is the brains behind Conscious Investing. Combining 20 years of finance and property knowledge with a passion for environmental sustainability. With this dual concept, Suzy delivers a holistic service to her clients. Their financial needs are met with socially responsible and environmentally sustainable investments.

Suzy radman conscious investing

Learning of the greenhouse gas emissions in the property sector certainly set off alarm bells for Suzy. However, this did not initiate immediate action. Rather, it was a trip to Peru that made her fall in love with the environment. It got personal. Sacrificing vast forestry or fresh mountain air was no longer an option for Suzy.

And with that, she found her purpose. Providing a service to both her clients and the environment. Seeing other sustainability and ethically focused forms of investment gain traction, she thought property investment could be next to transition.

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Sustainable property investment is part of a wave of ethically focused investments. Conscious Investing is part of this movement, shifting investment choices towards more environmentally sustainable outcomes.