For green-thumbs and aspiring gardeners. Plants, fertilisers and pots of support.

One of the most creative, yet peaceful, ways to feel close to nature and enhance the environment is by planting your own garden. And the good folk at this very special nursery will help you bring any back (or front) yard veggie patch to life. You’ll find a vast array of plants, suited for all gardens (large, small or even perched on your windowsill), tools, knowledge and expert support.

Wall with seeds and plants for sale at CERES Nursery.


The nursery is a great place to visit, relax and learn more about permaculture and horticulture from qualified staff, while their website offers a wealth of knowledge and insights from seasonal gardening tips, tailored advice for plant cultivation to bee-friendly suggestions for your garden and some of the latest gardening books available. 

Ultimately, by growing our own backyards with fertile plants and produce, we can take positive action towards creating a better world.