Fresh, locally grown produce from the community, for the community.

Whether you’re re-stocking the pantry or fridge, the Grocery has a pretty amazing range of goodies on hand. You’ll find 100% organic produce, fresh eggs, environmentally friendly cleaning products, organic bulk foods and sweet treats for that naughty little craving we (sometimes) just have to give in to.

Nestled on a small hill at CERES Environmental Park, you might want to arrive with a glass jar or two tucked in your bag for bulk goods or, if that slips your mind, you could always use one donated by other conscientious consumers. This way, while planning the week’s dishes ahead, you can make a contribution to less.. less packaging, less waste, less landfill. Easy!

If fresh, organic, community grown deliciousness wasn’t good enough!?  

Collage of pictures from CERES Organic Grocery.

The produce found at The Grocery was grown only meters away from the store but can be delivered straight to your front door by Fair Food, the CERES, carbon neutral grocery delivery service.

If you can hold out until Wednesday to do your weekly shop, or you fancy mixing some ‘business’ with pleasure on the weekend, you’ll also be greeted by a local band or two, hosted and supported by The Grocery, playing throughout the day. From bluegrass to folk, to funk and everything in between this is grocery shopping gone gangbusters!

Get all the details, including their gig guide right here..


The Grocery supports environmental causes by engaging with local producers and food-growers, and helping to connect the community with their food system.

As they like to say “If you have eaten today – thank a farmer!”