If receiving organic, carbon neutral groceries isn’t a ‘better food system’, please tell us what is?

CERES Fair Food, does exactly what it says on the box. Healthy produce that’s good for the environment, good for suppliers and good for you. Better still, is that it’s also easy to get your hands on as you can have it delivered right to your door.

The origin of our food, who supplies it and the conditions under which our everyday groceries are sourced have become less and less important as the art of rabid consumption has evolved. We’ve become so good at consuming that we’ve begun to stop caring about what it is we’re actually eating. This Melbourne-based business is developing healthier, local food systems by reconnecting customers to farmers, while facilitating our access to affordable, organic, and fair trade produce.

CERES FairFood home delivery service operates in most Melbourne suburbs, 5 days a week from Monday to Friday.

Collage of four pictures of CERES Fair Food workers, along with delivery boxes and printed logo.


While not taking itself too seriously, the Fair Food initiative supports serious causes. Their one-of-a-kind scheme helps reduce food mileage, utilises almost zero packaging and produces no food waste. FairFood also rewards their farmers with a fair wage, and provides support for disadvantaged workers with every community delivery of affordable, chemical-free groceries. 

Oh, and here’s a saucy extra: their annual Crowdsaucing event encourages like-minded members to get together with other sauce-makers to enjoy local seasonal produce and develop a new skill by learning how to prepare their own sauce, in anticipation of the cold, tomatoless months.