Put your butt on the line to help underprivileged children

Buy Undies Give Undies started in 2012, when Holly and Chris O’Brien travelled to Africa and saw that children there were missing an everyday item – underwear. From that point on, they’ve been nurturing that problem into a fantastic social enterprise, with a single-minded purpose to raise money for kids in different communities around the world.

Buy Undies Give Undies impact on poor communities

The company sells high-quality, super comfortable underwear, made from durable fabrics, and manufactured under safe working conditions, in an environment that helps and supports their employees. You can choose to buy a one-off pair, or start a subscription for three pairs, three times a year, saving you time and money. For every pair you buy, another is donated to a child in need.


Remeber that our actions have a great impact – every pair of undies donated by BUGU decreases the risk of infections in the community, and allows teen girls to attend school all year round. Every pair gets delivered in fully-recyclable and repurposable packaging.