These hand-made finger puppets are ethically sourced from Brazil and provide a steady income for marginalised women.

These beautifully hand-made felt dedoches (finger puppets) help connect your child with their five safe grown-ups. Designed to foster a child’s critical thinking skills, the dedoches are blank, just waiting for your child’s creativity to personalise them. They were recently awarded Education Initiative Award at the 2017 Victorian Protecting Children Awards. The kit also promotes conversation between you and your child about who are the safe adults in their lives, and how to talk to them if the child is hurt, worried or concerned (children 3-8 years old).


Body Safety Australia is working hard to partner with schools and families to create positive change for children.

Body Safety Australia was established as a social enterprise in 2015 and is the passion child of founders Deanne Carson and Whitney Yip. Sadly, 1 in 5 Australian children will be subjected to sexual abuse before they turn 18. Body Safety Australia partners with schools and families to create positive change for children hands-on, practical and education.

Our emphasis is on empowerment, education, consent, and championing children’s rights. Let’s be proactive about their safety together as a community. Body Safety Australia celebrates diversity and respect for all.

We have specialised knowledge and experience in orthodox and faith-based (religious) schools, special schools, LGBTIQ and CALD communities.

More About Body Safety Australia

4 Body Safety Activities for Families

Deanne Carson and Whitney Yip from Body Safety Australia have put together four fun, simple Body Safety activities you can do with your children. While they are playing, you will be filling their emotional backpacks for now and in the future!
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