Reduce landfill and improve the health of Australia’s indigenous communities as part of your daily routine.

Ever thought about how many toothbrushes you’ve used in your lifetime? Probably not. And you probably haven’t thought that every single toothbrush you’ve used still exists today.  

At Big Little Brush they think about these things. They also think about how they can take little toothbrushes and use them to do great big things. They sell beautiful, sustainable and biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes. And 100% of their profits are used to help fund primary health programs in remote indigenous communities in Australia.

Big Little toothbrush box

Big Little Brush was born from a broken wisdom tooth. A few years ago co-founder Joel found himself receiving first-world care for his painful tooth. This led him to wonder about what happens in less supported communities. And after investigating the issue he concluded that fixing the oral health of the poorest communities in the world could have a significant positive impact on their overall economy. The Big Little Brush movement began; sustainable bamboo toothbrushes which support indigenous communities by improving their oral health and hygiene.