Beautiful gifts created by beautiful people, no matter their level of ability. 

Avenue Fair Trade began by selling candles. These candles reflect the journey taken by Laura and Jordan O’Reilly to help their brother Shane, who has cerebral palsy. After finishing school, Shane was excited to embark on a new adventure but found it impossible to obtain a job that valued his unique set of abilities.

Shane’s experience is not unique. Avenue opens doors for other people with disability- facing challenges, and exclusion in mainstream business. This community has become the backbone of Avenue Fair Trade. Team members share in the profits earned in this social enterprise, allowing them to meet and provide for their own personal goals.

Avenue Candles range

Despite the light these humble candles brought, there was demand for even more involvement. Igniting more opportunities, Avenue Fair Trade now boasts a plentiful range of Fair Trade gifts, accessories, homewares and more. They source only the most ethical, sustainable and epic products with social causes worth sharing.

avenue fair trade team

Moreover, Avenue sells products from its own in-house brand; Avenue Originals. An inspiring team of interns are responsible for the creative ideas, gorgeous design and high quality execution. In a conventional work setting their interns may be restricted by their disability. The contrary is true at Avenue. Here, each individual and their diverse range of skills are celebrated, nurtured and empowered to achieve whatever they set their minds to.