Beautiful gifts created by beautiful people, no matter their level of ability. 

A candle from Avenue is a very special gift. It reflects the journey taken by Laura and Jordan O’Reilly to help their brother Shane, who has cerebral palsy. After finishing school, Shane was excited to embark on a new adventure but found it impossible to obtain a job that valued his unique set of abilities.

Avenue Candles range

Every member of Avenue’s team has a profound disability that limits their access to traditional employment. Avenue finds a way to discover and nurture each persons’ unique skills and abilities and apply them to meaningful and purposeful work.  The team at Avenue designed and created this high-quality, eco-soy candle range in collaboration with a boutique Australian artisan. Check out the wonderful selection of fragrances below.


Whenever you light your Avenue candle, you can rest assured that you are helping ignite a career for people with disabilities.