Aroundagain might look like just another Resource Recovery Facility. But it’s who’s behind the recycling that makes it more than that.

Meaningful employment for people with a disability is their reason for being.  Employees are sorting, salvaging and selling goods that are otherwise destined for landfill.

Based in regional Victoria, Aroundagain sell secondhand goods in top condition. Eclectic pieces, quality homewares and fabulous clothes at great prices.

Their mission is clear: Where possible, avoid waste.


Every month they divert 27 tonnes of waste from landfill, including 440 electrical items. This work creates 924 hours of supported employment each month. The outcome is not limited to just financial stability for their employees, who might otherwise have a difficult time finding employment. It is also gives them greater community connection, health, wellbeing and self-esteem.

Aroundagain also provide a NAID Accredited secure Document Destruction service, which diverts 40 tonnes of paper waste from landfill per month. By selling the paper bales onto recycled paper manufacturers, Aroundagain closes the recycling loop, promoting a sustainable circular economy.

This is all possible with help from their team of committed volunteers, staff and support of Christie Centre, the umbrella Disability Support Organisation.

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