If you’re looking for a touch of luxury without the guilt, you’ve just found it.

The Ahimsa Collective produce luxury ethical and sustainable accessories from upcycled waste material – beautiful products with serious feel-good vibes. They take ‘environmentally friendly’ to the next level and create accessories that are ‘environmentally beneficial’.

Their cruelty-free vegan line reverses the impact of the oft maligned fashion industry. They use discarded pineapple leaves turned into a leather-like material known as Pinatex, as well as ‘dead stock’, waste that’s destined for landfill until they get their hands on it.

Their range, which currently includes clutches, totes and calico bags, fills a gap in the market for mainstream, on-trend but also environmentally beneficial accessories.

“For those who are trendy A.F but also don’t want the world to blow up.”

By using materials which already exist, they reduce the amount of waste the industry contributes to landfill. This in-turn supports local Australian businesses collecting these materials. Their products are 100% made in Australia, reducing their carbon footprint through reduced freight emissions. In addition, a percentage of each sale is donated to a local Australian charity.