Brighter days for our little ones, the makers and the planet.

Every product you’ll find at A Little Good is created in a developing country, mostly by marginalised women and made by hand, on fair trade and ethical fabrication principles. The business strives to ensure safe work conditions and fair wages are paid to the workers they collaborate with. These earnings are instrumental in supporting the regional economy and raising awareness about social issues such as local poverty, and environmental damage.

A Little Good wooden toys.


As a mother and entrepreneur, Penny Stephens, the energy behind A Little Good, understands what every parent intuitively knows; that in every decision we make for our children, we hope to make their lives a little better, their minds a little broader, their smiles a little wider. This ethical range of fun and unique toys are designed to enhance our children’s lives and of those of the makers too.

As a good example of their innovative work, consider the beaches of Kenya where thousands of thongs (or flip-flops) are washed up every year. By creating beach cleaning work opportunities for disadvantaged folk who otherwise would remain unemployed, the discarded footwear which is made of rubber and synthetic fabrics that cause turtles and other wildlife to suffocate, is removed and re-purposed by talented artisans into beautiful new gifts. In this way, the African branch of the enterprise is able to create jobs that give old ‘useless’ (and dangerous) rubbish into unique and truly eco-friendly products.

A Little Good toys made in Kenya from recycled thongs.


A Little Good was created so that conscientious consumers can acquire one-of-a-kind products, while at the same time facilitating the increase of new business opportunities in developing countries. Every purchase can help educate others about the environment, provide good working conditions and childcare, support local schools for the disabled and, most importantly, continue respecting human rights for all workers.