Delicious, sustainable coffee, locally roasted – living the dream!

When Anne Cooper and Tina Wendel connected over the simple idea that coffee could, and should, benefit more than just its consumers – like the farmers that harvested it and the environment that provides those harvests – a rather tasty and very Good business was born.

Based in Melbourne, this specialty coffee roaster has built its business model on being truly sustainable. Through their ‘SEED to SIP to SOIL’ program, they have enabled a transparent supply chain, meaning they pay a premium on coffee prices enabling farmers to earn a fair wage and ensuring the farms and soils are protected to ensure future,  successful harvests

Photo credit to Nicola Janev

But their support doesn’t stop at farmers; their single origin ‘Women Coffee Growers’, as well as their seasonal espresso blend ‘Mrs. Robinson’ is produced by women across the world, supporting the advancement of female farmers’ social and economic standing.


The team at 23 Degrees believes that fair and transparent remuneration promotes a healthy, sustainable coffee industry which challenges business practices of large multinationals, prevents the exploitation of smallholder farmers, and welcomes diversity in the industry.