It started with a crepe… It was September 2015, there was a near-the-front article in the Age about a couple of young Melbourne fellas who had decided it would be a clever idea to sell crepes from a van and give a large chunk of their profits to eradicating youth homelessness.

Cliff hadn’t had a decent crepe all year. For a tucker loving Frenchman that’s a bit of a rough trot.

And then that single, simple question that sealed our fate: “What do you reckon we should do for a Christmas party this year?” Simon asked

“How about we go check out this cool new social enterprise and have a couple of crepes..!? We’d do some good at the same time as filling up on ham, cheese, mushroom and nutella… that would be two crepes each, right?”

“Sounds good… how about we just have one and go to a bunch of other places too, social enterprises I mean, a bit like a pub crawl!”

“Yeah yeah, then we could stick a few posts up on social media and tell a bit of a story”

“Cool, and write a blog post”

“Reckon other people would be into it as well?”


“How about we ask a few of the guys in the office?”


“Or, err, how about we set it up as a thing… like a proper thing, you know, a thing, thing”

“Like an actual proper thing?”

“Yeah, we could get a bunch of awesome social enterprises on a big list and just get everyone to go on a big social enterprise crawl”

“Because we’ve got so little to do right now…”

Sarcasm is always so much funnier when delivered by an Englishman… he continued:

“That won’t take long…”

“Yeah, I know..easy peasy”


And that was that, The Good Christmas Crawl was born… err, did you just say “Crawl”?

Yes, we actually called it The Good Christmas Crawl at first, but a little bit of customer research told us that it sounded a bit too boozy for our intended audience. Yes, now we had an ‘intended audience’, it was becoming a bit of a thing, thing after all.

So, we got our heads together with the lovely Brand Lads from Voice, and Simon from Mossman Media and The Good Xmas Trail came into being.

To cut a long story short, we began to smash out the work, which kind of piled up and up and up… how surprising… and ran ourselves a bit ragged, all in the name of helping Melbourne’s social enterprises to do even more of the brilliantly ‘good’ stuff they were already doing.

We called, emailed, built websites, started again, Tweeted, called some more, did a bit of pleading, drank coffee, then beer, then more coffee (on a different day), ran around flinging flyers into people’s hands, sticking them on lamp posts, Facebooking, Tweeting some more, and then BOOM!

An email… just one little email… short but ever so sweet

“Hi Cliff and Simon, just a quick note, please follow this link to a video of Adam Bandt talking about The Good Xmas Trail in… Federal… Parliament…”

“What did you just say?”


“Holy s$!t… we’re going to have a bit of work on now”

“What do you mean ‘a bit’?”

“Can’t take the foot off the gas now, mate”

“We better get on with it then”

Like we had a choice.


We ended up with 35 amazing enterprises, a brilliant partner in Social Traders, a bunch of cool customer photos with our #SelflessSelfie cards, and a really big desire to make it much, much better in 2016.

So, here we come again, a lot more knowledgeable, a little more prepared, even more enthused, and as inspired as ever by the amazing work being done by so many purpose driven businesses out there.

We’re ready to leave a trail of good behind us this Christmas. Are you? Want to help?

If you run a social enterprise and want to be involved, register here.

If you want to have a Christmas party, long lunch, maybe a crepe or two (they’re pretty darned good), slope off for an extended coffee break and buy amazing gifts, all while leaving your own trail of good wherever you go… well, hold your horses, we’re coming!

The Good Xmas Trail 2015

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